Marco Wahl <marcowahls...@gmail.com> writes:
>> and then the problem starts when I have to enter the address. I'm asked
>> for
>> Street, line 1:
>> Street, line 2:
>> Street, line 3:
>> ....
>> and BBDB never seems to get satisfied, so I have to cancel the record
>> creation with C-g.
>> Any ideas? Many thanks,
> C-j

No. I tried just leaving the line empty, also C-j, but street line
numbers keep appearing...

Also, with my previous setting GNUS+BBDB integration was nice (whenever
I was reading a mail from a contact already in my bbdb database, this
would show up in the mini-buffer and if it was not already in the
database I could add it by typing ":"). Now, neither works.

I'm not sure if this is due to upgrading to BBDB 3 or due to the other
packages that I installed (ivy, counsel, etc.)...
Ángel de Vicente

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