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On Mon 19 Jun 2017 at 11:52 Angel de Vicente wrote:
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> What I don't seem to get is a nice integration with Gnus as I used to
> have with my previous BBDB version, 2.36. Ideally I would like:
> 1. when reading a message, see if the sender is in my database (I can do
>    that by pressing ":")
> 2. Once the BBDB buffer is shown, I would like that when I move to
>    another message, the BBDB buffer is updated automatically: now I have
>    to press ":" again to see the new sender, and if the sender is not in
>    BBDB, it just shows the previous sender, where ideally an empty
>    buffer would be better
> 3. Pressing ":" again gets rid of the BBDB buffer
> 4. If the sender is not in the database press some key and offer the
>    option to include it in the database.
> If anybody is using BBDB + Gnus and can give me some advice on how to
> get these things done I will appreciate it a lot.

I am in the same situation with Wanderlust, so it seems a general BBDB3 problem.
With BBDB2 I was able to do something similar to what you describe in WL.  Now
BBDB never asks to harvest any address (unless I press :), no matter what
settings I try.  I asked about it on this list a few months ago, but didn't get
anything useful.


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