Hi all,

Sorry if this is answered elsewhere. I checked the comparison chart and 
didn't see this explicitly called out as a BBEdit feature carried forward 
from TextWrangler.

In the Application preferences of the OSX version of TextWrangler, there is 
the option to "Reopen documents that were open at last quit" along with the 
sub-option to "Restore unsaved changes". This is version 5.5.2. What this 
does, magically, is allow me to have an infinite number of "clipboards" 
that are persistent through re-boots. TextWrangler is apparently saving all 
my open files, even if I don't save them. So I don't have to come up with 
names for items that are meaningless beyond a few days' work, and I don't 
have to find a place to store them. For example, I currently am up to 
"untitled text 113" - just tons of little clipboards that I can check back 
on and don't really need to clean up until I just feel like tossing the old 
clipboards, which I do every once in a while.

Is this super special amazing feature also in BBEdit? I really like making 
my coworkers jealous with my infinite persistent clipboards, and I don't 
want to lose that feeling of superiority.



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