This is borderline a feature request… but I'm first curious if other people 
are seeing this and not just me. Or maybe I'm the only person using BBEdit 
that does this?

I'm often working in Markdown files that are the backend of web systems. 
The most well known example of this set up would be content files in Jekyll 
( They are nominally ".md" files, but are really a mix of 3 
possible things: the front manner is YAML. The primary content section is 
Markdown (there are other options), and within Markdown, it is valid to 
write HTML inline, as the canonical version of Markdown does not do 
everything HTML does (intentionally so).

Here's the scenario: I'm writing in the content section of a Jekyll file, 
but need to wrap something in a span to apply a special style via class. 
Typically, I'd mash down Cmd+Shift+, (custom shortcut because HTML tags 
open with `<` which is shift+,) and then start typing the tag contents.

But that command doesn't work in files that do not end with the .HTML 

However, I can summon the other shortcuts I've created for other HTML 
elements and get the same popover editor, with say Ctrl+Cmd+k to summon 
<kbd> (yep, that's obscure, but I'm writing online software manuals at the 

I'd love to be able to summon the Edit Markup popover in any file where 
HTML might possibly be a valid input. I often use it to edit the contents 
of the tags a little more quickly (I'd **love** to use it to edit matched 
pairs of tags, say switching an `em` to a `strong` or a `div` to `article`. 
This is a fairly common thing for me.) I've veered off into speculative 
feature request territory, so I'll stop.

Am I the only one else who see this "No editing Markup here!" behavior in 
"non-HTML" documents? Perhaps is there a really good reason I'm barred from 

Thanks all.


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