Hello, I am writing this mail to get some advices for my problem I am suffering 

I am currently testing my MCP2515 CAN module to test CAN communication via 
Beaglebone black.
However, when I connected MCP 2515 via SPI and powered ON, the UART consol just 
prints 'CCCCCCC.." repeatly.
I know that this message prints when the BBB couldn't find proper bootable 
image. However, the booting is done successfully when I disconnect the MCP2515.
That is, it seems that the SPI devices are conflicting with EMMC or uSD.
I tested booting with these combinations:

EMMC booting - SPI0 (boot fail)
EMMC booting - SPI1 (boot fail).
uSD booting - SPI0 (boot fail)
uSD booting - Spi1 (boot fail)

Please give me some advices to solve my problems..

Best regards.

Heecheol, Yang

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