Hi All

I hope someone can help ?

I am running a Debian IoT (non GUI) image on my BBB. I have a  4D LCD cape 
installed which is working and shows the Linux command line.
I would like to run a web browser in order to show the Node-Red dashboard 
of my running Node-Red instance.

I have successfully installed Chromium-browser (it didn't show any 
errors),  but if I try to run 'chromium-browser' from the command line it 
does nothing - I want the web browser to show in the LCD window. 
Is this possible ?? 
Do I need to install any other applications (can this be done without 
installing something like LDXE)??

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer

P.s. I am using the IoT version of Debian as I wanted to try and keep the 
memory foorprint to below 4Gb



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