On Fri, Feb 2, 2018 at 9:15 AM, Jack_H <jackgig2...@tamu.edu> wrote:
> Hello all.
>  I was wondering if there were any resources for adding an additional
> microSD card to the pocketbeagle for storage. I currently have a microSD
> click from MikroElektronika but it’s not listed under the pocketbeagle
> "working" mikrobus.

Oh, that's easy, prove it can work, and provide a pull request here
for both spix positions:


Then update the wiki.

Just because I haven't purchased that click doesn't mean it 'will not' work.. ;)

> I currently have an ethernet click working with my pocketbealge and
> beaglebone black using very similar code snippets. I have found resources
> for using a microSD card for the beaglebone black from
> here
> and here
> and this tutorial
> Will any of this translate over to the pocketbeagle?

There's a new driver in v4.14.x? and a device tree node; "mmc-slot"



Robert Nelson

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