Hello BB experts,

I recently purchased my first Beaglebone Black and cant wait to get started.
Have mostly worked on bare-metal microcontroller projects mostly involving 
close loop motor control applications.I would like to step into the world 
of operating systems(especially Linux) and decided that i would use the 
beagle bone black as the starting platform.
My ultimate aim is to develop an On-grid/Grid tied inverter using the 
Beaglebone black.

I have a couple of questions and would be gratefull if someone points me in 
the right direction.
1.Having worked mostly in c/c++ and assembly,is it a good idea to stick to 
the same languages or i am better off programming in a different language 
like python,Java etc?
2.How easy it it to intergrate the software to access the hardware,i mean 
are most of the drivers already written and are they easily avalable?I plan 
to intergrate an two slave MCUs via SPI,and some sensors via I2C bus.
3.Is it possible to use the PRUs of the Sitara controller as a parallel 
port for some high speed data transfer?like getting data from a fast ADC or 
writing to a DAC?
Also interface a 20x4 LCD display via the GPIO ports.

I would like some starting directions as to how to proceed with the above 
with the BBB.
I fould some tutorials on using the beagle bone black here 

Many thank,

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