> Also interface a 20x4 LCD display via the GPIO ports.

I had some fun and success in the past getting LCD screens working on my 

First up were some approximately 1" square (OLED096 and OLED112) Grove 
twigs that connected via I2C.


Scroll down to see the picture in this link:


This is one of the 128 x 64 pixel OLED112 running on my Beaglebone Green.

Then I also ordered some 5" and 7" touchscreen LCDs, such as these 

Linux recognized these on bootup, so it was relatively easy to use.  I also 
got the touch screen working which was nice.  Some of the buttons on the 
bottom only worked on some devices -- I don't recall the details.  I think 
the buttons worked on Beaglebone Green, but not all of them worked on 
Beaglebone Green Wireless.  The manufacturer was looking for a solution, 
and shortly afterwards the project I was working on didn't get funded so I 
never followed up to see if it was solved.


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