Hi all, 

I am trying to use the PRUs for real time data acquisition on the 
Beaglebone black (Linux debian 4.9.45-ti-r57). I have set up the PRU with 
remoteproc and RPMsg; everything is working fine. 
The first time, I successfully captured data with the PRU using the SPI 
protocol and bit banging, and I have sent them to the ARM with RPMsg. 

Now I want to do the same thing using the I2C protocol, which left me with 
some questions: 
- Is it possible to use the on-board I2C bus with the PRUs? 
- If not, I will enable the pull-up resistor on a GPIO pins using a custom 
device tree. But after that, I do not really understand how I can read and 
write the SDA line for I2C? (Contrary to the SPI protocol, I won't have 
Data In and  Data out lines but only one SDA line).

My final goal will be to use the on-board ADC. There is already a very 
interesting project PRUADC that captures data using an external ADC. I 
would like to use the on-board ADC, is there any way to do it ? (I am not 
afraid of going into complex stuff). 



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