Hello everyone
I am working on Kernel version 4.4 and I have tried all the mentioned 
solutions in this discussion but still I can't add SPI0 or SPI1, If anyone 
have used this type of kernel please help.

بتاريخ الثلاثاء، 16 يونيو، 2015 8:09:14 م UTC+5:30، كتب Brendan Merna:
> I'm trying to  enable SPI on boot up on my Beaglebone Black. I followed 
> the wiki link below under the title 
> SPI1 D1 Output and D0 Input
> I created the .dts file and compiled it. I then moved it to /lib/firmware/ 
> and then enabled the device overlay tree. Finally, I changed the uenv.txt 
> file by adding the text shown and I removed a pound sign at the end of the 
> document. I did this because the boot command to enable the SPI wasn't 
> working and I thought it wasn't reading the last command because of the 
> pound sign. Unfortunately, now that I removed it, I reset my Beaglebone 
> Black and it gets stuck in a state with the Power LED and USR0,USR1, USR2, 
> and USR3 all stuck on. No blinking and my computer doesn't recognize its 
> there. I'm powering through the USB port and have tried resetting and 
> powering down numerous times. This same state keeps coming up. Can anyone 
> help?
> Tutorial Link:
> http://elinux.org/BeagleBone_Black_Enable_SPIDEV

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