Well I'm back at home off my boat now and I didn't manage to get
Debian 9 onto my BBB there, it's still running Debian 7.

I still have remote access to the BBB from here at home so, if anyone
wants to help and needs answers to questions I can go and take a look.

The Debian 9 image I was trying was this one (expanded of course) :-


As noted in my previous postings here this image successfully
self-installed automatically on another (I thought older) Debian 7 BBB
that I had.

When inserted in the BBB I want to update it did nothing on rebooting.
I also tried powering up with the 'boot' button held down but that did
no good either, it simply did nothing.

I tried running the script:-


and that didn't work either (as reported above in an earlier posting),
it seems to have done something to the microSD which had Debian 9 on
it too.

So, how on earth am I going to get Debian 9 onto my BBB?  Surely there
must be a reliable way to do this, especially as I have a running
Debian system on it.  Is there a script I can get which can install an
OS from an image on a microSD?  I'd really be happiest with a
script/program I can load and run on my existing system rather than
some sort of automatic load which requires a combination of buttons
pressed and power-up sequences.

What I need (help/information) is:-

    What Debian 9 image to use (minimal non-GUI system)

    How to write it to the microSD card (on a Linux system)

    A script to run that will install it on the eMMC.

Chris Green

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