I recently got the BeagleLogic logic analyzer (
https://github.com/abhishek-kakkar/BeagleLogic) running on the PocketBeagle 
under a linux 4.9 kernel.  It pretty much works as-is.  However, only 4 of 
the 20 pins that can be configured as pruin produce any results.   My 
(limited) understanding is that the black and pocket processors are the 
same (AM335x) so I would have expected R31 in the assembly code to be able 
to read all pins.  Anyone have experience with getting the PRUs on the 
Pocket to read pins other than {p1_2, p1_4, p1_35, p2_35}?  All my pins 
were configured as pruin when I was testing.  Maybe some mapping that is 
different between the Pocket & Black? 

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