I'd like to announce the new Beta RC3 20180310 
<https://github.com/dinuxbg/gnupru/tree/2018.03-beta-rc3> release of the GCC 
PRU port <https://github.com/dinuxbg/gnupru>. It contains breaking changes 
that were necessary to improve ABI 
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Application_binary_interface> compatibility 
with the TI proprietary toolchain. 

When you upgrade, please make sure to:

   - Clean your object files and rebuild your projects (make clean && make).
   - Pass -mabi=ti to pru-gcc if you intend to link GCC and TI CGT object 
   files. If you use pru-gcc exclusively, you don't need to pass this option.

Prebuilt debian stretch packages for armhf are available here for download:

For more detailed documentation about ABI compatibility, you may read 
https://github.com/dinuxbg/gnupru/wiki/ABI .

Feedback would be appreciated. Are the examples sufficient? Cryptic 
documentation? Missing features? I'd like to hear about it. Right now I'm 
working on cleaning up the patches so that I try to send them upstream to 


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