You need to config-pin your I2C and SPI pins first, then set you i2c-X 
device in bbb_I2C.c so you can read data.
No need to edit uEnv.txt

Il giorno domenica 15 aprile 2018 04:31:52 UTC+2, ha scritto:
> Did you find the config-pin statements in the uEnv.txt to be necessary, or 
> just changing the I2C bus in the bbb_I2C.c file?
> On Monday, December 18, 2017 at 2:46:35 AM UTC-5, Davide Aguiari wrote:
>> I solved this problem by editing 
>> Lepton3_BBB/grabber_lib/Lepton_SDK/src/bbb_I2C.c 
>> (or rasp_I2C.c) where it uses open("/dev/i2c-2 .... ) instead of libmpsse.

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