Update: I realized that the MAC address for wlan0 had changed - didn't 
expect that. Will it remain the same until another firmware upgrade?

debian@BBB:~$ connmanctl

connmanctl> tether wifi disable

connmanctl> enable wifi

connmanctl> scan wifi

connmanctl> services

connmanctl> agent on

connmanctl> connect <wifi_*_managed_psk>

connmanctl> quit

#are these settings "sticky" or do I need to put them in 
/etc/network/interfaces to persist past a reboot?

and modified router settings with the new wlan0 MAC address. So now I can 

...but the connection remains unreliable. Once a connection is established, 
if not active (e.g. ssh with command line being used or constant pinging) 
it is dropped. A subsequent ping will fail - but then waiting a few minutes 
and trying again will succeed.

When the connection is up, arp on another machine on the same network 

$ arp

bbbw ( at <correct wlan0 MAC address> on en0 ifscope [ethernet]

and when down:

$ arp

bbbw ( at (incomplete) on en0 ifscope [ethernet]

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