> connmanctl> scan wifi
> Error /net/connman/technology/wifi: Device or resource busy
> connmanctl> agent on
> Agent registered
> connmanctl> services
> *AO CALnet               wifi_e84e06601cb9_43414c6e6574_managed_psk
> connmanctl> [  631.904954] rtlwifi: AP off, try to reconnect now
> [  641.985975] rtlwifi: AP off, try to reconnect now
> connmanctl> connect wifi_e84e06601cb9_43414c6e6574_managed_psk
> Error /net/connman/service/wifi_e84e06601cb9_43414c6e6574_managed_psk: 
> Operation aborted
> connmanctl> services
> [  692.376844] rtlwifi: AP off, try to reconnect now
> *AO CALnet               wifi_e84e06601cb9_43414c6e6574_managed_psk
>     DIRECT-9b[TV]Samsung~Ken 
> wifi_e84e06601cb9_4449524543542d39625b54565d53616d73756e677e4b656e_managed_psk
>     CALguest             wifi_e84e06601cb9_43414c6775657374_managed_psk
>     DIRECT-roku-874-FF7DDF 
> wifi_e84e06601cb9_4449524543542d726f6b752d3837342d464637444446_managed_psk
> connmanctl> [  702.458695] rtlwifi: AP off, try to reconnect now

This connect  & reconnect kinda looks like the hdmi bug..

Are you using the hdmi? can you disable it?

If your on v4.14.x-ti, i'd give v4.19.x-ti a quick shot:

sudo /opt/scripts/tools/update_kernel.sh --ti-channel --lts-4_19


Robert Nelson

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