I'm pretty sure it's possible to write a cashflow bean query something like

select root(account, 4), convert(sum(position), 'USD') FROM
has_account('Assets') OPEN ON 2017-01-01 WHERE not account ~ 'Assets' group
by 1 order by 1;

This shows me all the transactions that included a Assets account, but
doesn't output any balances of those Asset accounts (they're a bit

It would be nice to be able to substitute different accounts in the from
and the where, if I wanted to dig into cash flow from a particular account,
but it's annoying to keep the two strings in sync.  Are the any thoughts on
adding support for parameters to either bean-query or fava?  Then I could

run "Cashflow" "Assets:US:Bank"

to see where all my money went from that particular bank account.

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