Slightly unrelated: I would love to be able to link note, document and 
balance directives to transactions.  Currently adding ^link after any of 
those doesn't parse.

On Saturday, February 24, 2018 at 6:17:50 PM UTC+13, Martin Blais wrote:
> I had an idea tonight while attempting to reconcile some missing amounts 
> over a credit card account where my last balance was last year September.
> The problem is this: Beancount does not include time nor care about 
> ordering in the file. This is a really important property and I don't want 
> to ever change that. However, this means that it's impossible to create 
> balance checks in between transactions that occur on the same day. However, 
> this type of thing happens all the time with credit cards. There's no 
> solution at the moment, other than fudging the amounts, which is really 
> super annoying.
> I thought about this: How about I'd add an OPTIONAL link to balance 
> checks, or create a new type of balance directive. If the link is present, 
> the semantics would be: check the balance that occurs just before the 
> transaction which occurs on that same day, and which is the only one with 
> that link. (If there are more than one transaction on that day with the 
> link an error should be issued, IOW, it should be unambiguous.)
> Now, this seems straightforward to implement - and I was just about to 
> pounce! - but it's not: there's a whole lot of sorting going on, and it 
> might affect display as well. I'm not sure yet how to it.
> Ideas welcome.

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