* Martin Blais <bl...@furius.ca> [2018-04-11 16:29]:
> You ask at 14:00 in which timezone? US 14:00 or Europe 14:00?
> If you don't know the instrument trades in the US, you ask at 14:00 in
> Europe timezone?

Sorry, I thought you told the API "I want the exchange rate at 14:00
time".  If so, we'd all get the same answer regardless of our local
timezone.  It would be nice to know what the APIs timezone is so we
know what "14:00" really means but that doesn't matter for beancount.

If you only tell the API "I want the exchange rate now", then I think
beancount should store the time in UTC.

> Our current API doesn't support you providing a time, just a date.
> You request for a price at a particular date.

Ok, (I think) I see the problem.

If the API queried by beancount only provides 1 rate per day, we could
easily find out what a "day" is according to them by doing a query
every hour for 24 hours.

Or just pick mid-day UTC.

Martin Michlmayr

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