I have 2500+ songs on my archive. Gracenote database inludes all my songs 
:) So, I created a json file which contains these informations for all 
these songs:

gracenote database album id
gracenote database album name
gracenote database artist name
gracenote database song name
gracenote database song id
acoustic fingerprint hash
acoustic fingerprint raw

My json file is like beets' database-sqllite file.

All the files are inside one folder as mp3 format (without any metada). All 
the file names are in a certain format.

I have 3 questions here:

1- Which identical metada's (do you recommend) should I store to my json 
file? If I will lost/damage my music archive, so it would be easier to 
bring back mp3 files or create list on music services somehow... ?

2- I want to create list with same songs from my archive on spotify or 
youtube or last.fm or any other music service. But there is a question 
which I could not find the answer: How the music services are identify's 
the musics? I mean none of them let us to search with acoustic id or 
gracenote id or any other thinks. When I search a song with artist name, 
the music services finds me songs remixes or special uploads by any 
end-user. :/ That makes me crazy. There is no any standard between music 

3- How can I upload these metadata's to a database like music picard or 
others? So I can help them to store stable datas :)

Thank you :)

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