And of course it was right there in the docs:

*Remove music from your library.*

*This command uses the same query 
<> syntax as 
the list command. You’ll be shown a list of the files that will be removed 
and asked to confirm. By default, this just removes entries from the 
library database; it doesn’t touch the files on disk. To actually delete 
the files, use beet remove -d. If you do not want to be prompted to remove 
the files, use beet remove -f.*

On Thursday, September 15, 2016 at 4:47:54 PM UTC-4, Andy Pastuszak wrote:
> Forgive all the simple questions.  I'm trying my best to read the 
> documentation before I post here.  But I didn't see this.
> Is there a way to remove the actual file when you remove the entries from 
> the database?
> I used beets to generate a report of all the MP3s I have and am re-ripping 
> those CDs to FLAC and replacing them.  I keep doing the remove and then 
> forgetting to delete the MP3s and end up with duplicates showing up on my 
> Subsonic server.

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