Hello all,
I was wondering if it was possible to get the lyricsfind plugin to save the 
lyrics externally.
Some players or media services, while supporting lyrics, do not support 
embedded lyrics in ID3 tags (e.g. Plex).
Ideally, the lyricsfind plugin should give the user a choice of whether 
embed the lyrics in an ID3 tag itself, or to save them as an external .txt 
When choosing the second option, the lyrics should be saved in the same 
folder and with the same name of the song file, just a different extension, 
/Music/Rock/Black Sabbath/Paranoid/1 - War Pigs.flac     <<<<<< Music file
/Music/Rock/Black Sabbath/Paranoid/1 - War Pigs.txt      <<<<<< Lyrics file

My coding knowledge is much limited, especially when it comes to Python so 
I'll start working on a change in the plugin locally and eventually I might 
put it on Git but I wouldn't want to mess up your work.
I really like beets (even if I just discovered it really), because of its 
simplicity, speed, and text interface. Please keep up the good job!

Best regards

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