Importing any songs from the band "a-ha" almost removes them from my drive. 
They can't be found with ls or beets but they can be found via find:

a directory listing of the a-ha directory only shows one album

moonwind@jaguarundi audio % ls a-ha 


The directory is empty  to 'ls'

moonwind@jaguarundi audio % ls a-ha/2004-the_singles__1984-2004


However, 'find' sees all 3 albums that i have in there

audio % find ./ -name "*take_on_me*"


beets doesn't see any even though all of them were imported by beets

moonwind@jaguarundi audio % beet ls artist:a-ha
moonwind@jaguarundi audio % beet ls -a albumartist:a-ha
moonwind@jaguarundi audio % beet ls artist:"a-ha"

moonwind@jaguarundi audio %

This drive is a regular usb drive with no special file systems (modern ntfs 
as it came in the box)


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