> Can anybody suggest the most efficient method to do the following...
> I have an array of email aliases like the following:
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:                       sys
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:                       coookiecom
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:               niccicamcom
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:      katyland-news_site14-request
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:             majordomo_site4
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:              melanier
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:            louisefolds
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:               swccom
> ... and I want to sort them in alpha order, but basic on the value
> between @ and : (ie the domain name in the first column). I could
> problably do this if I throught about it a while, but the code would
> be REALLY messy, so I'm interested to know what the "correct" way to
> go about it might be. :)

lol... Assuming they are in @ary, try this:

 @new = sort { 
              my($A) = $a =~ /\@([^:]+)/;
              my($B) = $b =~ /\@([^:]+)/;
              return  $A cmp $B;
      } @ary;

sort aliases each element to $a and $b when comparing; the pattern
grabs all consecutive non-colons following the first at sign.
Assignment in the list context prvided by the parens around $A and $B
means that the actual pattern matched is returned. cmp does a string
compare, returning  the greater-equal-lessThan zero comparison sort
expects. =o)

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