--- Martin Weinless <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> take the regexp '.n+..?.?v*.'
> By all that is sacred, if we use the string 'supernova', there should
> be no match since there are too many characters before the 'n'

Not true.
 .   matches the r in supernova
 n+  matches one or more n's, so it matches the n in supernova
 .   matches the o in supervova
 .?  matches one or no characters, so it matches nothing 
    (successfully, twice)
 v*  matches any number of v's, including zero,
     so it matches the v in supernova
 . matches the a in supernova.

You didn't say '^.n+..?.?v*.', so the . in front of the n matches the
r, and has no complaints about all the characters in front of it.

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