I just built beignet in a chroot with no X11 installed; it didn't have that string, and worked (when run as root - for ordinary users, it failed with "/dev/dri/card0 not authenticated", but this is expected).

Debian's (with-X) beignet has that string and a few more (__cxx11, x11_display, x11_screen, x11_dpy).

Did you do the no-X compile by an explicit option, or by not installing the X headers (libx11-dev, libxext-dev, libxfixes-dev)?

Which clinfo is this (there are at least 3 implementations), and can you get a backtrace of the error (gdb clinfo)?

beignet doesn't need any kernel patches on recent kernels (>=4.2; check with uname -r), and in the known cases where it does, the error is "Beignet: self-test failed" not yours.

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