Delete the besmgmt database

Run the created statement again (leaving besmgmt.cfg as the default … or change 
the database name if yours is not BESMgmt … don’t change anything else in there)

Restore your database on top of the newly created one with created

Restart dispatcher service.


Or … the transaction log is full … is it?



Please don’t email me directly but rather the list so everyone can see the 
problems / success.


From: Callahan, Mike [] 
Sent: Friday, June 04, 2010 9:02 AM
Subject: RE: [Bes-admins] Bes database move to sql 2000


Hello , we did everything by the book. As far as instructions goes, changing 
the database to new sql server, but the only service that would not start up is 
the BB dispatcher,

 and the new sql server name did not change in the blackberry manager. Our 
exchange server is hosted in Canada and we use mapi services to sync email, not 
sure is this has

 anything to do with it but figured I would let you know.

We received this eror The BlackBerry Dispatcher service terminated with 
service-specific error 5608.  We did the following resolution but did not fix 
the error, wondering if any one has any other possible solutions.



*       BlackBerry® Enterprise Server software version 4.0 and 4.1 


When trying to start the BlackBerry Dispatcher, after moving the BlackBerry 
Configuration Database to a remote Microsoft® SQL Server™, you receive error 
code 5608.


This issue may be caused by one of the following: 

1.      The Microsoft SQL Server does not have the error codes in the master 
table database for the BlackBerry Dispatcher service to start. 
2.      The BlackBerry Configuration Database transaction logs are full. 


Complete the appropriate resolution.

Cause 1

The Microsoft SQL Server does not have the error codes in the master table 
database for the BlackBerry Dispatcher service to start .


1.      Extract the service pack for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server software 
version that you are using to a folder location. 
2.      Copy the Database folder from the extracted folder location to the 
remote Microsoft SQL Server. 
3.      Open the BESMgmt.cfg file in a text editing application (e.g. Microsoft 
4.      Type cmd=Migrate. 
5.      Make sure the Microsoft SQL Server and BlackBerry Configuration 
Database names are correct. 
6.      Save and close the BESMgmt.cfg file. 
7.      Open a command prompt and navigate to the database folder. 
8.      From the command prompt, type createdb besmgmt.cfg. 
9.      Confirm the account with which you are logged into the Microsoft SQL 
Server has access to the BlackBerry Configuration Database. 
10.     Start the BlackBerry Dispatcher service. 

Cause 2

The BlackBerry Configuration Database transaction logs are full.


Back up the transaction logs on the database server for the BlackBerry 
Configuration Database. 



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Subject: Re: [Bes-admins] Bes database move to sql 2000





it isn’t as simple as just a backup and restore.



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Subject: [Bes-admins] Bes database move to sql 2000 

Hello All,


Moving the bes data base to a new Sql server. Going to keep the current sql 
data base in place for a contingency plan. Ran a restore from backup server of 
the besmgmt and mdss database to the new Sql 2000.

Have the Blackberry manager and Blackberry configuration running on a different 
server. So when ready I select change database on the blackberry server 
configuration panel ? Then follow wizard prompts ?


Thank you,



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