Nice detective work.
With bill's patch, most of the crashes and failures are gone.

Increasing the stack size with ulimit -s 40960 passed gstack.
The default 10240 for my account is not enough on ppc64, though
the usual 8192 on mac and linux x86 works fine.

Now there are only two failures.

For gicap2, it seems I. is not doing the correct thing with literals.

   'ab' I.~ 3 2$'abb'
   'aa' I.~ 3 2$'abb'
   'ba' I.~ 3 2$'abb'

though simple case works

   'ab' I.~ 'abc'
0 1

For gdll_df, it now fails at

   (4;1.5;2.5)= 'fff f f f' dcd 1.5;2.5
0 1 1
   'fff f f f' dcd 1.5;2.5

It does not seem to be an abi issue, since it passed a few tests.

One more thing.  I can't use regular expressions.

|domain error: jregcomp
|   'rxlastrc rxlastxrp'=:2{.    

Not sure if it's related to the dll issue.
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