> Are your modifications/additions available somewhere?

Sure, they're in the official repo unfortunately, this was missed when
testing the 7.7.5 upgrade which was never released.


> Does this problem only show up in the scanner?

Yes, as far as I know. I was running the scanner from the front end
using the rescan button. I guess others were doing the initial scan, as
they would not have a database in place as they have not been running
7.7.5. Other functionality seems fine, I'm able to serve files over dnla
and to my Squeezebox touch. Also able to control the Squeezebox.

> You should add a "Slim::Utils::OS::Custom" module to customize some of

> the LMS behaviour and eg. report revision etc.

Will take a look at it. The revisions currently in the build are:


> Is the scanner run as the same slimserv(er|ice) user?

Nothing explicit has been done to set a user for slimserv. If it's
triggered from the server, e.g. via the GUI, or in initial setup, I
would expect it to be running as slimserv.


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