> Are your modifications/additions available somewhere?

The FreeBSD port (which includes patch, build, install instructions) is
available at the GitHub link provided above by Mark.

For those who aren't familiar with FreeBSD ports, I will explain how the
current port Makefile works:
- Installs dependencies defined in BUILD_DEPENDS, LIB_DEPENDS and USES
- Downloads source from GitHub for Logitech/slimserver and
- Extracts Logitech/slimserver to directory ${WRKSRC} and
  Logitech/slimserver-vendor to directory ${WRKSRC_vendor}
- patches ${WRKSRC} with all patches from files/patch-* and
  ${WRKSRC_vendor} with patches from file files/vendorpatch-*
- Builds slimserver-vendor dependencies with cd ${WRKSRC_vendor}/CPAN
  && ./buildme.sh
- Installs slimserver files by copying the entire ${WRKSRC} directory
  to a staging directory
- Deletes any files/directories from the staging directory which are
  for a different version of perl or binaries / perl modules for other
  operating systems
- Creates a symlink at /var/db/logitechmediaserver which points to
- Installs configuration files, creating a CONFFILE.sample default
  version and CONFFILE user editable version
- Installs INSTALLDIR/Slim/Utils/OS/Custom.pm and
  INSTALLDIR/custom-convert.conf (found in the port files/ directory)
- Installs logfile rotating instructions in
  /usr/local/etc/newsyslog.conf.d/logitechmediaserver.conf (found in the
  port files/ directory)
- Ensures INSTALLDIR/Bin/dbish is installed as an executable script
- Installs slimserver_vendor built dependencies by copying directory
  ${WRKSRC_vendor}/CPAN/build/arch to INSTALLDIR/CPAN/arch
- Installs remaining slimserver_vendor built dependencies by copying
  all contents of ${WRKSRC_vendor}/CPAN/build/5.20/lib/perl5/* into
- Installs changelog, installation instructions and license details to

The final list of files installed can be seen here (note that variables
surrounded by %% are replaced by the ports system):

> You should add a "Slim::Utils::OS::Custom" module to customize some of
the LMS behaviour and eg. report revision etc.

The port already does this. See the file contents here:

Note that any variables surrounded with %% are replaced by the correct
values by the port.

> Is the scanner run as the same slimserv(er|ice) user?

The rc script which starts the slimserver.pl perl script is executed
with the arguments  --user=${u} --group=${g} (which equates to the
dedicated user/group "slimserv" in the default port installation).
Not sure if the slimserver.pl script calls the scanner.pl script as the
same user or not?

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