I'm on macOS 10.12. There are 2 LMS restart scenarios: One is where I
reboot my entire computer. For that LMS creates a LaunchAgent in my user
account which I have modified (read-only) so that it will load with the
switch --nomysqueezebox. So that's not a problem.

The second is the problem, i.e. when the restart command comes from the
LMS code (like after installing a plugin) or from within iPeng. Whenever
I need to restart LMS this way, I guess it is done via the shell script
in the preferences pane bundle at
/Library/PreferencesPanes/Squeezebox.prefPane/Contents/Resources. You
have a script there called -start-server.sh- with the line
-./slimserver.pl --daemon $1 &> /dev/null &-
So it does take arguments ($1) which is why I can restart the server in
terminal manually: sh

But I think the restart from within iPeng and the restart after
installing/removing plugins just call the script without any argument.
Therefore I get the mysqueezebox again and have to restart LMS manually
each time to get rid of it.

So my thinking was that a setting could make LMS call the script with
the --nomysqueezebox switch as argument by default.

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