marcoc1712 wrote: 
> What version of LMS are you using, what Native (Decoder) stand for?
> What kind of squeezelite is instaleld on sMS-200ultra? AFAIK  only
> Daphile, squeezelite-R2 and picoPlayer could play native DSD, I'm the
> one after Squeezelite-R2 and I'm not aware they are using it in this
> commercial product.
> could you post the result of squeezelite -? on sMS-200ultra, please?
> BTW, I think they should give you support for that, we all work for free
> here when they sell theyr product at 1400 Euro...

Hi Marcoc1712,
thanks for the prompt reply.

I tried two versions of LMS:
- LMS 7.9.1-166 on a x86 Synology NAS
- LMS 7.9.1-1522249619 on Windows 8

In both servers the DSF file type config is the same. This is an excerpt
from Settings -> Advanced -> File Types 

  File Format    Stream Format    Decoder
  DSF            DSF              Native

I do not have ssh access to the sMS-200ultra, so I cannot run the
squeezelite -? command. All I can see in the sMS-200ultra UI is that the
squeezelite version is 1.8.7. SOTM claims that Native DSD mode is
The error I posted in the previous post (Slim::Player::Song::open (409)
Error: Couldn't create command line for dsf playback for ...) shows up
in the LMS error log so I thought the problem is not with squeezelite
but I could be wrong. 

I just wanted to verify everything is OK with my LMS setup before
engaging with SOTM...


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