aslg wrote: 
> Hi Marcoc1712,
> thanks for the prompt reply.
> I tried two versions of LMS:
> - LMS 7.9.1-166 on a x86 Synology NAS
> - LMS 7.9.1-1522249619 on Windows 8
> In both servers the DSF file type config is the same. This is an excerpt
> from Settings -> Advanced -> File Types 
> > 
  >   > 
  > File Format    Stream Format    Decoder
  > DSF            DSF              Native
> > 
> I do not have ssh access to the sMS-200ultra, so I cannot run the
> squeezelite -? command. All I can see in the sMS-200ultra UI is that
> the squeezelite version is 1.8.7. 
> SOTM claims that Native DSD mode is supported for my DAC  (a Mytek
> Brooklyn DAC+) with the latest sMS-200ultra firmware (v0.4.17).
> The error I posted in the previous post (Slim::Player::Song::open
> (409) Error: Couldn't create command line for dsf playback for ...)
> shows up in the LMS error log so I thought the problem is not with
> SqueezeLite but with LMS but I could be wrong. 
> I just wanted to verify everything is OK with my LMS setup before
> engaging with SOTM...
> Thanks!

I see,  it seems it's the same version running in picoplayer.  If so, 
the only think you need is activate DSDPLAY plugin and let it send
native (as opposed to DOP or PCM) DSD formats to squeezelite.

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