Hi guys

Long time user of Blender here. I've been testing out some of the latest 2.8 
builds and it look like it's going to be awesome when it finished!

I know it's very much a work in progress. But one feature that I think that 
really needs to be implemented in the final Eevee build is giving users the 
ability to render out images that update according to animated properties in 
the shader graph. Using a mix node to animate the opacity of an object for 

I know calculating such changes real-time in the view port would lead to some 
pretty major performance issues. But having the option to allow it to occur 
offline at render time, is going to be critical to the huge user base that will 
be planning to use Eevee as their main render engine. Something similar to the 
static bvh / dynamic bvh option already implemented for geometry in 2.79 maybe?


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