Thank you very much for your suggestion, I will start working on the python 

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> Am 07.03.2018 um 23:52 schrieb Robert <>:
> Hello Angelo,
> I use Python. I build blender, but do not modify source yet.
> The building blender guide is 
> here:
> For a short summary, you will download from git, download from svn, use CMAKE 
> to configure your build.
> After CMAKE outputs files, run those with gcc or XCode, or similar to make it 
> happen.
> From what I guess, I could be wrong, but It seems like quite a task only 
> showing the 3d view and video editor. doable, but lengthy You might save that 
> for the end goal, but focus on building your python module for the medical 3d 
> model part as the main segment.
>> On 3/7/18 8:56 AM, Angelo Rosace wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am a university student from Italy. I am currently attending my third and
>> last year in the bachelor of computer science and engineering.
>> I am starting to work on my thesis, and that is why I am writing you. My
>> thesis would consist in developing a software which handles a 3D
>> environment and that provides tools for interacting with it. The aim of the
>> project is to develop a parametric software to be used for medical
>> purposes, the main task of the program would be importing 3D scans of limbs
>> and adapting a splint (special tipe of cast) to the 3D object via an
>> algorithm that I will develop in python. The generated splint is then going
>> to be 3D-printed. Since I already used blender for some other projects I
>> was thinking about trying to develop my own version of blender without some
>> feature such as the one connected to video editing and with features aimed
>> only to the task that I previously explained. I thought about blender since
>> it is open source.
>> And now comes my question: I am trying to go through the code in order to
>> understand how it works, but it is quite overwealming. So i wanted to ask
>> if you could provide me with some information reguarding the architecture
>> of the source code and how the various files are interacting together.
>> I also wanted to ask if to realize such a project would be possible in your
>> opinion.
>> Thank you very much in advance,
>> Angelo Rosace
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