This is likely a limitation with running the operator non-interactively,
Could you report a bug here?

On Mon, Jan 22, 2018 at 9:25 PM, Lewis Toohey <> wrote:
> Hi
> I have written an add-on for Blender (my first) called "SplineSculpt".
> In a nutshell, this add-on uses bpy.ops.sculpt.brush_stroke to sculpt
> along the line of a curve object (specifically a curve object
> containing a Bezier spline). For background only, full details are
> here -
> I am struggling with the API, as there is very little detail in the
> documentation regarding either bpy.ops.sculpt.brush_stroke or the
> parameters of OperatorStrokeElement.
> I was wondering if someone might be able to give me a steer on the issues 
> below:
> 1) One of my goals for this add-on was to be able to draw textures
> along the curve using something like the "Rake" option to rotate the
> texture along the curve from point to point. I note that drawing using
> Blender's built in Paint Curves does obey the Rake option, but I
> cannot find any way to make this work with
> bpy.ops.sculpt.brush_stroke. Rake is essentially ignored; and
> 2) I am encountering the problem I describe here -
> I am convinced this is a bug because the results change depending on
> how I orient the Viewport, and yet (to my knowledge) nothing should
> really depend on the Viewport orientation.
> Any advice or guidance on these points would be greatly appreciated.
> Many thanks
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