as of the current version at the time of writing (1.6.13), it does not work for 
(I can of course provide the links):

- any of the Springer journals: I tried Foundations of Physics, General 
Relativity and Gravitation, Zeitschrift für Physik, and Mathematical Programming
- any of the IUCr journals: I tried with Acta Crystallographica A and Journal 
of Applied Crystallography,
- ScienceDirect,
- any of the SIAM journals: I tried SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, and 
SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis
- Nature,
- any of the IEEE journals: I tried IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 
IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, and IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering

whereas it does work for

- the APS journals I tried: Physical Review Letter and Physical Review
- Science

I have two questions:

1. Is there an official list of journal cites on which citation harvesting 
2. How could an user such as myself to contribute code to make harvesting work 
on the currently unsupported sites? My perception might be biased because I am 
into physics and computing science but from my tests above, it is clear that 
citation harvesting fails on a very significant portion of journal cites. I do 
understand that this is typically the kind of work which can drain a lot of 
human resources, which you prefer to invest in the core of the program. Hence 
this second question, as this seems like the perfect task for the “army” of 
users out there!

Best wishes,

Luc J. Bourhis

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