Pierre-Francois wrote, 2018-03-09:
> I have an issue when compiling: The Dataflow+ fail and "remove" a part of the 
> code:
> Unfortunatly I did not success to make a testcase.... Issue is probably 
> coming by the fact that several things are coming and used in several modules.
> For information, it is working in 4.3a.

Is it working in the released version 4.3a?
In which versions do you get the problematic binary?

If you suspect a too aggressive optimization,
it is advisable to determine the optimization option(s) that
turn from good to bad.
You have not specified your bigloo compiler options,
but in general you could try with:
and proceed until your binary is incorrect.

If you have identified the problematic step (e.g. from -O4 to -O5),
you can add the -O5-specific options one by one to -O4.


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