The same article was in the A section of the WSJ this morning.

Tim Gruber has been working to reduce parking minimums through the zoning 
rewrite. I don't know how much progress he's made. I tried to schedule a small 
group meeting with the consultants on this when they were here a week ago, but 
the times were all taken, and staff is supposed to set something up in October.

One complication, which shouldn't be a big deal but that requires some thought, 
is that bike parking and I believe ADA parking are tied to the current car 

Bigger problem of course is that staff and alders already get a lot of 
complaints about street parking. Shoup has a solution for all of that, but it's 
a challenge to get it heard.

But if we can reform parking it will be a game changer.

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Our city zoning code is under review right now. There is no 
meaningful address of this problem of draconian parking requirements 
in the first draft of the zoning code.

A good description of how American cities keep destroying themselves 
by parking is detailed right here:

I brought this issue up & its lack of address in the code rewrite at 
the latest public meeting on the zoning code; the consultant could 
only mumble something about finding "middle ground," and 
miscellaneous other community planner blow-off jargon. Despite the 
fact that the room of 35 or so people were largely in agreement and 
mutully reinforcing of each other's views, she accused us of being 

We're in trouble.


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