As a postscript to the city budget discussion earlier today, I thought I
would share a web link I found that explains the phenomenon that seems
to be preventing our elected leaders from acting wisely when it comes to
alternative transportation funding:

What I take away from this article is that nobody should be discouraged
by getting an unfavorable outcome when engaging the city on bicycle
issues.  With repeated reinforcement, the currently politically
impossible will become politically unavoidable.  The trick as I see it
is to identify which message needs to be delivered in order to push the
Overton Window most rapidly in the direction of sanity.

In my opinion a lot of bikies (including myself) at public hearings tend
to overestimate how much of the logistics of bicycling the general
public understands.  In this respect, comments like those made by Thuy
Pham-Remelle Jed Sanborn, the Rotarians I mentioned earlier, or even
Vicki McKenna can be a great tool to use to identify the bridges of
understanding we need to build for the public and our elected leaders so
they can comprehend our perspective.

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