On Thu, Oct 9, 2008 at 1:16 AM, Michael D. Barrett
> It is time for a wholesale makeover of the council before they break all of
> us.

Do I take that as a statement that you will be running for Marsha's seat?

Yeah, I thought not.

However, I know there are some alders that will not be running in the
spring. I am sure they would be more than happy to receive a list of
people interested in running in their districts. After all, we still
need to find someone that is better than the people that displease
you. Since not everyone has gone public with their non-candidacy,
anyone who is interested in running, or who has a good idea who might
be better (especially if that person passes the Mike Barret acid
test), please contact me off-line, and I can tell you whether I think
that seat will be open.

Of course, you can always run against an incumbent, but that is harder to win.

And just to get serious for a moment, perhaps a Bikie knows someone
that would run against some of the alders that truly don't see any use
for biking, walking, and transit. You know, someone who lives in those
car-dependent areas, that have alders that were not among the five
votes last year to cut the Highway S&M mega-funding. Or someone who
live in an area with a current alder that thinks funding for bike
facilities is a frill, and no can be expected to go to the grocery
store via bike.

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