Bikies folx,

I'd like some advice regarding purchasing a bicycle GPS, etc device. Here's what I'm looking for:

o GPS with mapping/navigation capability allowing me to download/ upload rides that I can program through Google Maps or the like. (i.e. if I download a ride from one of the big online sites, I can just drop it in, go on my bike, and not have to worry about keeping track where I'm going to turn next.)

o heart rate/altitude is nice but not 100% necessary.

o MUST be Mac compatible

o (mostly) waterproof, in case I get caught in a downpour

From what I've looked at, the Garmin Edge 705 looks like a nice unit. I'm a little uncertain as to the Mac interface, though. Any experiences with this unit?

I'd also love to hear other suggestions or ideas.  Thanks!

Peace and Prosperity,

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