Aaron Crandall wrote:
> What happened to the bike path after St Mary's renovated? I was biking
> down Park & when passing St Mary's realized the solid line was now
> dashed & also saw the "bike lane ends" sign before St Mary's. Not a big
> deal because I still took the lane & moved to the center lane near the
> intersection of Park & Fish Hatch, which of course caused a motorist to
> honk that cute little horn they use to indicate I'm slowing them down or
> something.

No idea. If you just want to get down to Fish Hatch, the area works ok (meaning you'll get boxed in by cars and forced into a right turn, but you won't get threatened). If you want to proceed down Park, I'm not sure what I'd do. At light traffic times, it's possible to take the lane before Fish Hatch peels off, but at rush hour you end up boxed in almost at the hospital.

If you really really need to be on Park, I'd probably turn at Erin, head down Mills til you can pick up the Wingra creek path, and use that to get to the bike lane on Park. That route lets you skip the bad intersection, and avoids the problem of trying to bike through a section with very few cross streets.

If you're trying to get to Copps (or the Korean grocery, or the Japanese grocery...) around there, I have no advice. I would rather walk for that one, because it's so close. The alternate route I gave does give good access to the Post Office, Farmer's Market and union hall tho.

Park is pretty awful in general. Too much free parking in the bus/bike lanes, and the sidewalks are only about 3 feet wide, so walking in any kind of group is awkward. And by eyeball, a lot of traffic is going 45 mph or so, which makes life... exciting.
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