This was a response a fellow union member received from ETF on the benefit:

"The new law allows employers to reimburse employees on a tax-free basis for 
certain bicycle commuting expenses, but unlike other qualified transportation 
fringe benefits (parking and mass transit), it appears that the qualified 
bicycle commuting benefit cannot be funded with pre-tax payroll deductions. 
Valid employer reimbursements do qualify for income exclusion. Also, the new 
law does not allow participation in the bicycle benefit for months in which the 
employee also participates in any other transportation benefit (i.e. mass 
transit or parking).    
The new law's provisions leave a few open issues--for example, the law does not 
define the terms "regular use" of a bicycle or "substantial portion" of an 
employee's commute, nor does it provide much detail about the expenses that are 
reimbursable or how those expenses should be substantiated. The IRS will 
need to provide additional guidance on this new benefit before many employers 
choose to offer it. At this point, I'm waiting for the regulations that spell 
out how it should work."

From: Robbie Webber <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2008 1:13:18 PM
Subject: [Bikies] state employees - have you looked into Bicycle Commuting Act 

This is a special message to State of Wisconsin employees -

Has anyone asked their benefits coordinator (?) or HR department about
signing up for pre-tax reimbursement of bicycle commuting expenses,
now that the federal legislation passed? If so, what was the result?
For what types of costs can you receive reimbursement?
Was it easy, difficult, confusing, impossible to get answers or sign
up to get benefits?

I'm asking, because I want to be able to report back to Bike Fed
and/or give them some contact people that would like to receive these
benefits. Since state employees make up such a huge pool of bicyclists
and potential bicyclists in Madison, it would be worth Bike Fed's time
to do some education and lobbying to make it work.

Thanks for any information you can share.

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