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>    This is in a British Journal Transportation Review- you may be able to
> get a copy of it through your local library.
> Journal Article
>  *Making Cycling Irresistible: Lessons From The Netherlands, Denmark and
> Germany.* Pucher J, Buehler R. Transp 
> Rev<>2008; 28(4): 
> 495-528. DOI:
> 10.1080/01441640701806612 <>    
> What
> is this? <> (Copyright (c) 2008,
> Taylor and Francis Group) This article shows how the Netherlands, Denmark
> and Germany have made bicycling a safe, convenient and practical way to get
> around their cities. The analysis relies on national aggregate data as well
> as case studies of large and small cities in each country. The key to
> achieving high levels of cycling appears to be the provision of separate
> cycling facilities along heavily travelled roads and at intersections,
> combined with traffic calming of most residential neighbourhoods. Extensive
> cycling rights of way in the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany are
> complemented by ample bike parking, full integration with public transport,
> comprehensive traffic education and training of both cyclists and motorists,
> and a wide range of promotional events intended to generate enthusiasm and
> wide public support for cycling. In addition to their many pro-bike policies
> and programmes, the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany make driving expensive
> as well as inconvenient in central cities through a host of taxes and
> restrictions on car ownership, use and parking. Moreover, strict land-use
> policies foster compact, mixed-use developments that generate shorter and
> thus more bikeable trips. It is the coordinated implementation of this
> multi-faceted, mutually reinforcing set of policies that best explains the
> success of these three countries in promoting cycling. For comparison, the
> article portrays the marginal status of cycling in the UK and the USA, where
> only about 1% of trips are by bike.
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