I found Montreal to be a strange place to ride a bicycle the one time I
did, several years ago. It's an old city, and streets are narrow. Cyclists
- generallly unhelmeted - ride surprisingly close to parked cars, as if
being doored was not a thing. And maybe it isn't so much there - it sure is
here in YVR. I could not personally adapt to that local cycling culture,

As far as I know - admittedly, unresearched - this is the only jurisdiction
in North America where right on red is forbidden (but just on the island).
Not sure if that's a hint to something deeper in the cyclist-motorist
relationship, but I love that hard.

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> These types of guerilla actions go back to at least the mid 1970's.
> Google "Bicycle Bob" Silverman of Montreal and the tactics of Le Monde à
> Bicyclette in the 70's and 80's.
> Here is a recent article from April 2016 to get you started.  Bob's health
> is failing and his story needs to be re-told and live on.
> montreal-qa-with-pioneering-activist-robert-bicycle-bob-silverman
> Cycling in Montreal: Q&A with pioneering activist Robert "Bicycle Bob"
> Silverman
> Is it true you once spent time in jail for painting a bike path on a city
> street?
> There was no bike path so we decided to paint our own. In 1975, we painted
> Marie-Anne and St-Urbain Sts. It was a warm night. We had about 10 people
> with rollers and no one was caught. The second time we painted the street,
> in 1980, I was arrested. A squealer called the police. I was arrested and
> there was a trial and I was convicted. I got a fine of $25 or eight days in
> jail. I refused to pay and went to Bordeaux prison. They let me out after
> three days.
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> > This tradition of guerrilla bike lane protection may have its
> > roots in this action in Seattle:
> safety-group-politely-
> installs-illegal-bike-lane-protectors-on-cherry-street/
> =v= San Francisco has a long history of its own guerrilla bike
> lane activity:
> I think the more immediate inspiration was a New York-based
> group with the very similar Department of Transformation name.
> There are a number of us who spend time in both cites. ;^)
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