Hi all.

I am setting up a new appliance-based DNS solution that will contain a fair
number of separately managed Windows DNS slave servers (in addition to the
DNS appliances that will handle the .

Currently there are just over 8000 host records that resolve to IP's in the
10.x.x.x space.  I am wrestling with whether or not I should create a single
10.in-addr.arpa zone or if I should create 256 /16 zones (i.e. -
0.10.in-addr.arpa to 255.10.in-addr.arpa).

The reason I want to encompass the entire 10 space is so new arpa zones will
not have to be defined on all servers (specifically on the Windows slaves)
if a new part of the 10 space is used at some point.

Any recommendations or comments would be greatly appreciated.


Christopher Cain
E: ch...@christophercain.ca
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