On 9/27/2010 8:48 PM, donovan jeffrey j wrote:

I run a number of internal clients on 10 address space. what i did was break up 
each Zone into Class B's 10.1.x.x , 10.2.x.x then my forward and reverse files 
into class C's. Each record 10.1.1.x . 10.1.2.x, 10.1.3.x, . then scale ass 
needed. providing the means to add forward and reverse to any address within 
that address space.

Ugh, pet peeve. 10/8 is, if one uses obsolete classful terminology instead of CIDR, a "Class A", which covers the whole range. Nothing sliced out of 10/8 can be a "Class B" or a "Class C". Correct terminology for what you described would be /16 or /24, respectively. In the old scheme, "Class B"s start(ed) at 128.*.*.* and "Class C"s start(ed) at 192.*.*.*. Google "classful" if you don't believe me.

- Kevin

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