Not exactly sure whether this is a DNS issue but hoping someone here on this 
forum can provide some advice/suggestion as I am trying to figure out what is 
going on.

Our organization BLS owns ( registered with the registrar )  the network 
address 146.142.xxx.xxx.

But if someone  from the Internet [ outside of BLS network )  tries to go to 
"";   it gets redirected to a site in UK called 

I have checked the DNS from the BLS  side and we do not have any entry of  any 
kind for  the record on our DNS. 

I have also done DNS lookups for watcheezy.com and those seem to be good too 
with respect to IP and the NS and as to what those NS are reporting.

Can anyone throw some light on as to what is going on here.....does not look 
like a DNS issue to me but I could be wrong.


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